Hello everyone, I’m Eu Su Lynn and I will be on my way to UWC-USA real soon. I feel like this isn’t the most comfortable platform to share about myself. But I’ll give it a shot.


I am an ordinary girl. Borderline boring and not at all ambitious. But I still dream. Before UWC, I dreamt of becoming a Kindergarten teacher, or if you prefer something fancier, an Early Childhood Educator. So during my upper secondary school holidays, I would work as an assistant teacher in a children’s art studio as well as volunteer at a community pre-school. That made me realize how much I enjoy teaching kids. They brought a lot of joy, reminded me of how simple life can be and how to live a simple life.


The little ones reflect a lot about us. I felt that the class dynamics and individual character, though improved in many areas such as courtesy and respect, did not change much in adolescents. Yes we grow up to be more refined and cultured, we become more equipped with soft skills, and we learn more about the world. But what happened to “I want that toy! It is Mine!”, “Teacher, It’s not fair” or “I have more stickers than you!” etc. We still express it, but in a different way and different context. So while waiting for the next chapter in my life, I have been tutoring a six and eight year-old Mandarin and assisting a dance teacher in a primary school. And I hope that my journey in UWC-USA would make me grow up even more or at least, realize even more.

Aside from my passion, the next most interesting thing would be that I try to live by the moment. Focusing on the now, not thinking about the past or worrying about the future is a mindset I’m trying to acquire. This does not mean that I don’t reflect on the past or plan for the future. I still do so, but after that moment of reflection or planning, I move on. It’s a simple way of life, yet so difficult to do.


Leaving home is not easy for me. But I am so excited to leave for school where I can see the ‘world’ in one place. I hope to make the most out of this experience!

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