Selections process


Entry into the UWC programme is based on competitive selection judging from students’ personal merit, irrespective of race, religion, politics or financial status.


The selection process includes:








Students are assessed based on their merits:










We encourage students to apply to Junior Colleges and Polytechnics while waiting for the results of their scholarship application. The selection cycle varies from year to year. Successful applicants are usually notified by March- April of the year of entry. 

  • Interviews

  • Group activities

  • Group discussions

  • Community service activities

  • Selection camps


  • As an individual - cultural tolerance, adaptability and ability to cope with life at the College

  • As a team player - willingness to cooperate with others, display of team work, leadership skills and communication skills amongst others

  • As a member of society - social responsibility and commitment to his/her home country

  • Skills and interests, academic performance








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