UWC Memoirs

Press Releases


The UWC scholarship and movement have previously been published in print and media, such as the local newspapers (1976 and 1982) and television.



The New Nation, 1982

The New Nation, 1976



Julian Ho (Economic Development Board), 2014



Episode 29, Indian Beat 2013-2014 (Vasantham)

UWC Lip Dubs


Lip Dubs are fun, unofficial videos made by UWC students combining lip-syncing and audio dubbing, or “lip dubbing”. They showcase the beautiful UWC campuses, vibrant student life, diversity and talents in a just few minutes.


Do check some of them out here, or simply search for them and other videos on Youtube.


United Words:

The Official UWC Student Magazine



To learn more about UWC life through the writings of UWC students from all around the world, do take a look at the United Words website.

Blog Entries


2008 Alumnus, Singapore: www.uwcscholarship.livejournal.com



The vast majority of UWC graduates fondly remember their UWC experience as among the best, most enriching, times of their lives, and a handful of them have journaled their memories and encounters in their blogs and posts online. So feel free to look up ‘United World College’ or ‘UWC experience’ on Google and Forums. 

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