My name is Mindy Taenda and I am going to represent Singapore at UWC Red Cross Nordic. I have exhausted my limited pool of self-praise in the selection process for the scholarship, so I think this should be rather honest. And short. I think.


Here are some simple statements to start!

1) I am ethnically Chinese, despite what my surname suggests.


2) Despite having Teochew and Cantonese blood, I am not in    

    possession of a Teochew or Cantonese tongue.


3) In all honesty, I can hardly even speak in Mandarin.


4) I don't even have a proper Singlish accent! Strange mangled

    Ameri-Euro-Asian accent is all I have.


5) This is getting pretty negative maybe I should stop with this list.


Honestly, I often find myself questioning my identity as a Singaporean.


"How do I fit into the parameters of what I believe to be a "typical" Singaporean?"


"Is it just a matter of my place of birth?"


"Do I really understand my home country?"


A thousand question marks that flood the mind and two years to find some of my answers. I hope that my UWC journey will be fruitful. I hope that my friends-to-be help me find a conclusion to these question marks, and that I can help them find theirs.


But in the end, questions and hopes are misty, insubstantial creatures. Sweep them aside, and I am left standing on a single, solitary rock. The truth that my name is Mindy Taenda, and I am going to represent Singapore at UWC Red Cross Nordic. 

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