Hello everyone, I am Zheng Hui (or you can call me Mah) and I’ll be heading to UWC Mahindra College (MUWCI) in August! Over the past 17 years (well, 13 since I don’t really remember what happened before I was 4), I had always dreamt of living and studying with people from all over the world, simply because I love exposing myself to different and new cultures! In my opinion, cultural diversity is something I appreciate a lot as it really adds colour into our otherwise, boring lives! And what better place to experience this than in the already ethnically rich India, on top of a culturally diverse UWC?


Besides meeting new people and learning about their cultures, I enjoy helping people! Growing up in a pretty sheltered society, I thought that our world was rid of any disadvantaged people. However, after a community service trip to an island off our shores, I realised how fortunate we are as Singaporeans. Since then, I started to volunteer my time to help others, by signing up for more community service trips, and helping my peers with their homework. These activities were really enriching, as I found my strengths and weaknesses. After all, it is through giving that we learn the most.


In my spare time, I love to listen to music. Some bands that I love are Bon Iver, Daughter and London Grammar. To me, music is a form of emotional catharsis. I mean, after a long day at school or work, wouldn’t it just be perfect to lie on your bed and listen to your favourite tunes? 


On a side note, MUWCI is located on a biodiversity reserve. Well, here’s a little fun fact about me - I am absolutely horrified of insects and wildlife! I have heard of stories of how insects and frogs would enter your room while you sleep in MUWCI. However, I see this as a challenge for me. Never would I have thought of living on a biodiversity reserve, and now that I am offered an opportunity to, I want to challenge myself! After all, if I do not try, I won't know what would happen. Maybe I might come back as a Singaporean Steve Irwin!


To end off, the previous paragraph is an apt description of my life mantra - you’ll never know, if you don't try. So, to anyone reading this, go ahead with that crazy little dream you have in your head. You’ll never know what will happen, if you’ve never tried it.

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